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Jason Brown

Jason began training No-Gi Jiu Jitsu and Vale Tudo in 2004 during a deployment to Iraq. Upon returning from the deployment he began formal training under John Moore at, ‘The Grappler’s Lair’, in Temple, TX. After only six months of training he took his first amateur fight. In the next 60 days after that; he fought two more as a pro before he was stationed in Germany. While in Germany he began to share his MMA knowledge and co-founded the first BJJ/MMA club at Ramstein AFB (which is still in place and active). Through this club he was offered the opportunity to referee for the American owned MMA event, “Gods of War”. The event’s owner and match maker Chas Jacquier then hired him as the event’s organizer and back stage manager which he was only able to due for one show because of deployment (Sept 06-07). During this year he decided to purchase a Gi and, upon return to Germany he spent weekends training under bl ack belt Henry Navarro at Alliance BJJ Frankfurt. Weekdays he spent learning Muay Thai at Germany’s well respected ‘Thai Base’ gym. While training in Frankfurt he was invited to be a training partner for UFC vet Dennis Siver during his preparation for UFC 98 in Ireland. One more year in Iraq (09-10) brought him a promotion to blue belt and when he returned he was stationed in Erie, PA for recruiting. As a way to get his name out in the area he took a fight on a local show. But, because he had not fought for six years, the PA commission would only license him as an amateur. In PA he trained at Drysdale affiliate ‘3 Elements BJJ/MMA’ under Marc Yates and awarded his purple belt personally, from Robert Drysdale. Sporting a fresh purple belt he was stationed for one year in Korea where he trained under Atos black belt Kris Kim on Yongson army base in Seoul. Through his connection with Professor Kim he was afforded the opportunity to attend pro MMA practic es at Korea’s famed “Team Posse” gym. He also often trained Muay Thai at Seoul’s very popular ‘Body and Seoul’ gym owned by friend and Road FC’s announcer Anna Desmarais. Jason has coached and been training partners with former and current fighters of Cage Rage in the UK, One FC and Road FC in Asia, WSOF, Bellator, and the UFC. He ended his short fight career as 2-0 as an amateur and 1-1 as a pro. He is currently a student, assistant striking and MMA coach at Briggs MMA.

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