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El Paso Kids Martial Arts

I found this place by accident. I was riding my bike on a Sunday afternoon and rode past. They were closed but I jotted down the phone number and called them the following day.

First impression about any place where you work out is cleanliness.

If a place isn't clean, you question the hygiene. My first impression with Briggs was how clean the place was. Mats are clean, free of rips and tears, same with the bags, gloves and other equipment. They obviously have pride in their presentation.

They offered trial classes. Any reputable place will. Would you buy a car before test driving it? Doubtful. They offer a variety of classes from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to no gi grappling to muay thai based classes. Instruction is top notch. Classes are an hour long, you spend the first 10 minutes warming up, next 25 minutes doing a variety of technique work and the last 25 minutes live training. If it's the last class of the day, you might very well get more than 25 minutes of live training in depending on who is willing to stay.

Experience level of students is wife, you have the brand news guys, the somewhat brand new guys who have a year or two, the experienced guys with even more experience and then the purple and brown belts some of whom have 10+ years of experience. Instructors and fellow students have no issues showing you a technique that you haven't learned yet if you ask nicely.

Attitudes of organizations typically take on the attitude set by the leader. That's no exception here with Professor Briggs. He is a humble, down to earth guy who still travels to seminars around the country to hone his martial arts skills. He does this to make himself better and to make his students better. You can tell he came back from a seminar when he goes off a paper script and starts with, "this is what I learned last weekend at..."

The senior students do an awesome job of coaching and mentoring the younger students. There is no ego here in regards to people thinking they're better than others because of experience level/belt rank.

What you'll quickly find is a very family atmosphere. Coach Steve is great with the kids class. He breaks the techniques down to a step by step level with great presentation for the kids. You'll likely end up making a lot of friends here. People don't go to workout places to make friends but you won't be able to help it. There are people here from all walks of life and the sense of family, of helping one another is something not typical of many workout places.

There are very few business owners who are as approachable and open to communication as Professor Briggs is. That shows me that he cares about not just growing his business but he also cares about you as a human being.

Edmond L.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

I really loved coming to train at this place. The coaches and the people were awesome, I wish I could have kept coming to train but I no longer will live in El paso. Great place.

Otos O.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

Checked out Briggs MMA on the recommendation of a friend. Great gym, and the coaches are patient, helpful and knowledgeable especially with brand new beginners like me! Highly recommend you check them out!

Jessica A.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

One of the best MMA gyms I have ever been to! Prof Jessi ,Sensei and coach all explain every single detail of every move which I believe is very important in the MMA world ... They are always happy to answer all your questions! It's such a friendly environment ...whether you're interested in Jj or any other MMA as a competitor or just as a hobby this is the place to be !

Eman B.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

They have excellent support system, and excellent coaches!!

Celeste F.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

Been there 2 months. Learning tons. Staff is great. Atmosphere is great.

Luis R.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

On top of Professor Briggs being one of the hardest working people I've known, he's also one hell of a teacher. Between him and the other great teachers there, Briggs MMA is your one stop shop for all your grappling and striking needs.

John M.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

Awesome gym, great people roll here. Jesse and the sensei/coaches all have a lot of knowledge to share and are good at sharing it. :)

Mae C.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

If you are looking for a safe, friendly and overall family training environment with outstanding instruction...this place is it. Professor Briggs is an outstanding instructor. Check this place out!!!

Brian M.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

At Briggs Academy coaches are friendly and are excellent teachers. When I attend classes I always leave having learned something new or improvement on a skill. The owners are there and know you by name, it feels like family.

Hannah C.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

I'm visiting El Paso and everyone at Briggs Academy of MMA has treated me like family. I've learned something new every time I train with them. Knowledge runneth over. Thanks to everyone for the hospitality! JM.

Jeremy M.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

Awesome group of people, great instructors, family orientated and great divererse instruction!

Juan T.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

Very happy my son attends there and that what he looks forward everyday after school he really enjoys goin there and the people and hid instructor.

Olga G.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

Very nice academy with great instructors!!! Oss!

Juan D.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

Briggs academy is a place where you want to be everyday for practice.

Patricia M.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

Wonderful experience every time I train there.

Justin G.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

Briggs Academy of MMA is the perfect place to start your BJJ / MMA journey . I met Jesse Briggs in 2007 when he was coaching at Team JBM in NJ . Coach Briggs and Prof Mcpherson gave me the perfect start to my journey and not only gave me a amazing technical skill set for BJJ but also instilled in me a drive to reach my highest potential on and off the mats . They set me up for achiving in BJJ and in life .

Matthew B.

El Paso Kids Martial Arts

Great instruction, facility, and people. Top notch!

Robert H.

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