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Briggs MMA's Kids Martial Arts classes are the perfect blend of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with traditional martial arts values that will keep your child focused and engaged!

With Kids Martial Arts classes in El Paso you'll see your child develop incredible self confidence as they gain an appreciation for physical fitness. Our aim is to provide your child with the tools and techniques to develop a lifetime of these important skills.

The Best Activity In El Paso For Your Kids - Hands Down!

Split into two age-appropriate classes, you can be sure that your child is always challenged without the risk of falling behind! You'll see an improvement in their ability to learn as they continue to progress and move up in their belt rankings.


  • Ages 5-8: We focus on the fundamentals of BJJ, Judo and wrestling to develop discipline & self confidence while working up a sweat and having fun!
  • Ages 9-13: This class continues your child's education in BJJ, Judo and wrestling and creates new challenges during each class for this older age group.


No matter what age range, parents whose children attend Briggs MMA have seen improvements in home and at school. Each student will get a kick-start to their education as they learn from our instructors, as well as spending time with other great kids in their age range!

Bring Out The Best In Your Child With Kids Martial Arts Classes At Briggs MMA!

All you have to do to get your kid on the mat and enjoying the benefits of this exciting program is fill out the short form on the side of this page!

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Are Located In

  • West El Paso
  • East El Paso

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